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Healbe GoBe™ goes to CES, Gets Certified, and More!

The New Year is off to a great start at the Healbe™ headquarters! First, we took a trip to Las Vegas for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. A few days before CES, we met with the BBC—check out what happened when they fed our managing director George Mikaberydze lunch! (Spoiler: They said GoBe “worked better than we expected” at automatically measure his calorie intake.)

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The Single App that Will Change the Way You Live. Yes, Really.

Great news: The GoBe iOS App is finally in the AppStore. Version 1.0 is up now, and a fresh release will be out in 2 to 2 1/2 weeks—just in time for our Indiegogo supporters to start using it! But there's more: The GoBe Android App will be out on Google Play at the same time. Not to exaggerate, guys, but the GoBe App will profoundly change the way you experience your body and how it works.

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The Tough Call That Will Make Sure GoBe Exceeds Expectations

Ever since we launched our Indiegogo campaign to fund GoBe, there have been those who’ve said 100% automatic calorie tracking was impossible—but thanks to our supporters, we’ve made it a reality. Our initial production run of body managers has been independently tested<link> and proven to automatically measure calorie and nutrient intake. We’re so close to delivering on this revolutionary promise, and now we’re making the call to push back shipping one more time, until mid-to-late November.

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September 04, 2014

Independent Testing Confirms GoBe Measures Calorie Intake Accurately

It’s official: GoBe is the only way to automatically measure calorie intake, nutritional intake, and calories burned—more accurately than manual tracking! Only GoBe uses FLOW Technology to combine measurements from three sensors (an impedance sensor, a pressure sensor, and an accelerometer) with an advanced algorithm to analyze your body’s changing glucose concentrations, giving you a complete picture of your calorie and nutritional intake over time—through your skin, with no manual logging of meals or activities.

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How Does Healbe GoBe2 Automatically Track Calorie Intake?

Until now, keeping track of how many calories you eat has been a tedious, error-prone process. You log meals, weigh portions, scan bar codes, or just guess—and at the end of the day, you’re left with an inaccurate estimation that doesn’t truly help you find balance in what you eat.  Only GoBe uses your body’s own information to tell you how many calories you’re actually consuming—so you can simply wear it and go be you!

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How to Improve Fitness by Using a Body Manager While You Dance

If you want to lose weight and improve your fitness, you need to get moving! Increasing your activity level is a great way to improve your whole-body health. Walking, running, and going to the gym are a good start—but many people get bored with ordinary fitness routines. Plus, it’s hard to know how much exercise you really need.

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