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October 07, 2016

Let The Social Fitness Challenges Begin!

Dear GoBe users,

We’re happy to announce our integration with inKin Social Fitness Platform!

What’s inKin?

inKin is a web and mobile social fitness platform that allows you to connect and compete with friends, create teams and join challenges.

What you’ll gain:

- Competition and challenges with your friends, family, co-workers, anyone in the inKin system, even if they use different fitness devices to track their activity.

- The forum and healthy tips for your better results

- Fun, exciting matches, cheers and prizes of course!

You should know about the recent study shows that any form of competition pushes one to do their best in a session. So be ready to start competition to boost your performance and be more active and healthy.


To allow Healbe GoBe to access your data on  inKin platform, follow the steps below:

1/ Create an account at

2/ Click on the Setup button on your dashboard page

or go directly to your Devices page

3/ Find Healbe logo and click on the Connect button

4/ Enter your Healbe account email and password to allow inKin accessing your data.

5/ Go to the Metrics page to choose Healbe as your preferred metrics data source:

All settled? Let the games begin!

GoBe You! GoBe First!

Healbe Team

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