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February 26, 2015



New Firmware Updates Will Make Healbe GoBe™ Even Better!

We here at Healbe Corp. hear your comments and have been diligently working on improving Healbe GoBe and its technology to be smarter and more intuitive. A new firmware update, set to launch in mid-March, will improve the usability of the device while making whole-body health management even easier!

Here is the latest information you need to know:

Battery Life

Upon initial launch, the battery life of Healbe GoBe was around 26 hours. We understand that is not ideal, so we’ve been working continuously to change that by reducing GoBe’s energy consumption. In mid-March, the device’s battery life will increase by 30-40%. This will be an ongoing process as we continue to deliver a stronger, more efficient battery life for everyday use.

Charging GoBe

We've worked on making a clearer indication of when Healbe GoBe is charging. The new update will show the word CHARGING every 5 seconds when the device is placed on its charger. No more second-guessing if your device is plugged-in correctly. When charging is complete, GoBe will automatically turn off and only a small yellow light will be visible on the display screen.

Web Portal

Healbe GoBe can hold a week’s worth of data. To access your history beyond that, simply log-into the web portal using your GoBe username and password. From there, you can check your energy balance, hydration level, heart rate, quality of sleep, and stress levels for as long as you’ve been wearing your device.

Calorie Intake Measurement for Larger Meals

Coming this April, you won’t need to push the button every 30 minutes during a larger meal (approximately 800 kcals or more). We’ll make this process automatic so you don’t need to break away from your dinner date. …Did someone say dessert? We recommend the fresh fruit platter, of course! 

Check out our Quick Start Guide for more information on setting up your device and making sure the firmware is up-to-date:

Your feedback is extremely important to us. As you continue using your Healbe GoBe, we’d love for you to share your experience so we can further improve the device and help you manage your whole-body health more easily. We encourage you to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for our latest updates.

We’re excited to start this journey together as you begin changing your perception of how to analyze and care for your body! 

GoBe a Better You.

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