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October 16, 2014



We All Want to Live Longer. Here's Your Dashboard for the Challenge.

And this one actually works.

To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself.
Johnny Carson

No matter how advanced the world medical services become with each and every day, it is still on you to actually be healthy. According to the recent studies, your health state is 50–55% your own responsibility (meaning it depends largely on your way of live), with the remaining 20% referring to environmental issues, another 18–20% — to genetic predisposition and as little as 8–10% — to the actual medical services standards of your state/city.

A lot has been already said on the topic of health by the greatest minds in the history of humanity as well as common folk, yet it is amazing how many if us completely ignore our own health state on a daily basis. We all know that it is crucial to our happiness, yet we continuously (if not consciously) make no reckoning of it. According to Quartz, more than two-thirds of American adults are overweight or obese, and half don’t exercise regularly. The reasons for this are all but unknown: your own laziness and flaccidity. Everything else is just a corollary.

This is where fitness gadgets come in: a lot of companies and brands are trying hard these days to provide you with the additional help on your way to being 'a better, healthier you'. Here's what an early study by PewResearch Internet Project has to say on the point: as soon as popular fitness trackers as well as running apps had launched, 69% of Americans started tracking “at least one health indicator such as weight, diet, exercise routine, or symptom.” But wait, do not rush to any conclusions: only 21% of those who kept track said they used actual tech gadget to do so, 49% said they keep track “in their heads”, and only feeble 7% used an app or other mobile-powered tool to log their progress.

Ah, there's the hitch: ok, you have bought a fitness tracker, and maybe even installed the accompanying app. But do you actually use them (apart from wearing them, of course)? Let's face it: we are all lazy; some of just find it within themselves to fight it, while others... simply don't. Even if you do, however, fight your laziness, there are different levels of this fight: on one of them, you have managed to convince yourself to track your health; while on another, you are not ready to constantly feed your device with information like intake calories. Besides, the process is just too error-prone. Hence, that thing on your wrist works only partially, and mainly on a psychological level: you are aware of the device tracking your current health state, and that alone helps you be more conscious of it. But does it actually help you to be healthy?

That is why we have created Healbe GoBe. It is a completely different thing, a personal lifestyle body manager and an informative system—in other words, a universal dashboard that 100% automatically analyzes the functional state of your whole body. In other words, it provides a sum-up of easily understandable data on cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems.

The GoBe Body Manager achieves what it promises through the following sensors:
  • an impedance sensor that sends high and low frequency signals through your tissue to measure the fluid moving in and out of your cells;
  • a pulse wave sensor;
  • an accelerometer for analyzing your movement

The gadget itself is equipped with a button that controls it and helps you mark the meal time. The information it gets from your body is further processed with the help of special technology (called Flow), which in turn helps you answer the following health questions:
  • Do I eat right?
  • What is exactly the level of my physical activity?
  • What is the energy balance of my body?
  • What is the water balance of my body?
  • How exactly is my heart doing right now?
  • What is the quality of my sleep?
  • How stressed am I?
The Healbe GoBe Body Manager works in tow with an official GoBe iOS and Android Apps as well as the official Healbe webpage. While the Body Manager itself uses the abovementioned sensors to 100% automatically measure your body parameters, the smartphone App allows you to analyze those and at the same time control your Body Manager by setting personal data. On the Healbe webpage you can see how your body state is improving day by day and keep track of all the latest developments in the most profound way possible. Your personal health info is of course safely stored there as well.

In the upcoming blog updates we are going to dwell on each of the abovelisted body health state issues that Healbe GoBe Body Manager has been created to address. Stay tuned!
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