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August 14, 2014



All Systems GoBe: The Confirmed Ship Date for Indiegogo Healbe GoBe™ Perks!

We are excited to announce the confirmed ship date for Indiegogo Healbe GoBe™ perks! We put the final prototype through a rigorous round of resiliency tests—and we’re pleased to say it passed with flying colors. The first ever GoBe 100% automatic body managers will ship to Indiegogo supporters beginning the week of September 22. 

Product Resiliency Testing: One Tough GoBe

Testing GoBe in the Pressure Chamber

Testing GoBe in the Pressure Chamber

What happens when you shake, smash, pressurize, and dunk GooBe in water? To find out, we subjected the final prototype to gold-standard product resiliency tests—and it passed with flying colors! GoBe is ready to hit the streets—so people everywhere can wear it and go be their happiest, healthiest selves. The GoBe body manager will survive anything from a swim to a really tough Cross Fit session.

Why the Delay?

The rigors of waterproofing and product testing added a few extra weeks to our schedule. We are now thrilled to be proceeding with manufacturing and to have a final, confirmed shipment date. All necessary components are ready and waiting to produce the first run of GoBe Body Managers. Our manufacturer is building product molds and beginning full-scale production of serialized devices. The first GoBe body managers will ship to Indiegogo supporters beginning the week of September 22. The entire shipment process will take 2-4 weeks. 

Important Details for Indiegogo Supporters

If you live in the U.S., your GoBe will be shipped via UPS. Shipping providers will vary by country outside of the U.S. In addition to your body manager, you will receive one additional colored band in purple. If your shipping address has changed, please email us at by September 5 to let us know where we should send your perk.  

Healbe GoBe with purple band

Most of all, we want to thank our Indiegogo supporters. We’ve been energized and inspired by your enthusiasm as we set out to create a revolutionary wearable device—one that will truly change the way people experience their lives and their health, by providing automatic, intuitive insights into all the parameters of whole-body health, including calorie intake. You’ve made it possible for people everywhere to…

GoBe Measurements

Up Next: Independent Testing Results!

Our fans have been eagerly awaiting the results of third-party tests to confirm the accuracy of the GoBe Body Manager’s automatic calorie intake measurement—and the wait is almost over. We’re proud to announce that we’ve completed the first round of independent testing on the GoBe Body Manager. A third-party lab tested the accuracy of the body manager’s calorie intake measurement and confirmed our internal test results. We’ll publish the full results of the tests next week on our blog.


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