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The Healbe GoBe Indiegogo Campaign

An Innovative New Wearable and the $1 Million Crowd-funding Campaign that’s Making it a Reality. 

We should start by simply saying thank you.

  • The Healbe Indiegogo campaign raised $1,054,127 in only 42 days.
  • It was one of the top ten campaigns for a tech product in Indiegogo’s history.
  • We raised ten times our fundraising goal. 

But most importantly – you believed. And Healbe Gobe™ is about to become a reality. 

The support of our 4,400-plus Healbe™ Indiegogo contributors has us moving forward with production of GoBe – the Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™. It’s an exciting time. Our manufacturing schedule is planned, the app is being finalized, and our supporters can expect to see their GoBe arriving at their doors in June. They will be the first to experience the first and only wearable body manager that automatically tracks calorie intake. And they deserve it for helping us push beyond the limits of a traditional fitness tracker.

You can look forward to hearing much more from us in the coming weeks about our experience developing and producing GoBe, the app, and our company history. For now, let’s take a minute to reflect on where we are today, thanks to our Indiegogo supporters.

GoBe - The Body Manager that Took Indiegogo by Storm.

As the Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™, GoBe goes beyond the capabilities of ordinary fitness trackers. GoBe uses Healbe FLOW™Technology, the patented innovation that combines informationcfrom three sensors with an advanced algorithm to calculate calorie intake through your skin. It automatically measures calories consumed and burned during any activity, along with hydration, sleep and stress—with no logging or estimates. The body manager also provides continuous heart rate monitoring, and accurately tracks calories burned during any activity, making it the first wearable device to automatically deliver a comprehensive range of practical insights to help people live happier, healthier lives. GoBe connects to an iOS and Android smartphone app via Bluetooth to give users easy access to information from their bodies.

Decades of Development: The Work Done Before the Healbe™ Indiegogo Campaign

Long before the Healbe Indiegogo campaign was launched, we had been working on bringing a game-changing wearable technology to those looking for an easier way to manage their health. We spent more than 10 years developing multiple prototypes and a working smartphone app that would allow users to manage their body effortlessly using their smartphones and the forthcoming Healbe web portal. We secured patents on a number of the technologies that enable GoBe.

The Healbe™ Indiegogo Campaign: The Support that’s Making GoBe a Reality.

The Healbe™ Indiegogo campaign launched on March 5 as a means for people to support our vision for GoBe and a means for them to be the first to receive this game-changing technology. We set our initial fundraising goal at $100,000 so that funding could support the manufacturing of GoBe and the completion of its supporting app.

Immediately upon launching the Indiegogo campaign, the support started pouring in. We must admit that we were surprised and humbled when we tripled our fundraising goal within a week. Supporters were clamoring to support the GoBe vision and we realized the level of demand for a wearable technology that would push beyond the boundaries of a normal fitness tracker. People were excited about the idea of an entirely new category of wearable – a body manager that would use information from the wearer’s body to provide automatic insights on whole-body health.

The campaign ran for 42 days and we received support from 4,472 contributors from 175 countries with over 7,000 GoBe body managers being ordered through our various perks.

Beyond the Healbe™ Indiegogo Campaign: The Forthcoming Introduction of GoBe

We were overwhelmed by the support we received on Indiegogo and are thrilled to have orders for more than 7,000 units. Healbe™ is slated to begin a test-run of GoBe body managers in May that will ensure that we are ready to proceed with mass production. Our first mass-production run will be dedicated solely to filling the orders of Indiegogo contributors.

The app and web portal are in the final stages of development and will be the conduit that allows GoBe wearers to effortless track their whole-body health at a glance.

To our Indiegogo supporters … you will receive your GoBe body managers in June and we are excited for you to receive them. You believed and we will deliver. 

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