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March 01, 2016



GoBe Feature Series: Automatic Hydration Tracking

We’re putting together a series of blog posts highlighting each of GoBe’s features. Here is our first installment– GoBe’s Automatic Hydration Tracking

GoBe Feature Series: Automatic Hydration Tracking 

—My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them.
Mitch Hedberg

The average human body is about 60% water – it’s the foundation of life. Water is vital to maintain good health, which is why one of Healbe GoBe’s main functions is the ability to monitor and keep track of your body’s hydration level.

GoBe provides objective data about your body’s internal balance, and all of the processes that determine this balance are influenced by changes in your hydration level. Your body is continuously using water to support all of its functions – sleeping, eating, working out – it’s a part of everything you do.

What’s the importance of drinking water?

It’s probably not something you actively think about, because your body naturally reminds you to drink with the sensation of thirst, however thirst is a late signal. When the volume of water in the body falls below a certain level, your brain signals for you to drink. Even losing one percent of your body’s water composition can have a major impact on your overall health. Severe dehydration can affect your kidneys and bring on neurological problems like seizures. 

So, how can my GoBe help me stay hydrated and healthy?

While other solutions require you to manually input water intake, GoBe doesn't. Using its impedance sensor GoBe detects hydration level changes in the tissues during a day and inform you about your current state. GoBe can’t show how much water you are taking in from the food or beverages you consume, but it shows result of your actions (your current hydration level)

To get the most of your GoBe, you can have it remind you when to drink. Simply set the time of day you want to receive reminders within the app, and get a quick vibration on your wristband when you’re hydration level is low. It’s that easy! You can also set up the average water volume you used to consume with each beverage to help make GoBe even more familiar with your body.


Why is hydration tracking helpful for me?

GoBe is a great tool for all who are looking to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It’s especially helpful for athletes looking to perform at their highest capacity. Even the earliest stages of dehydration cause a decline in your performance – GoBe can help to avoid that by notifying you before dehydration occurs.

Not all of us are athletes, but Healbe’s hydration level tracking is just as useful for those looking to lose weight or better manage their skin complexion, digestive, muscular or immune system health. When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s crucial to stay hydrated. If you’re not, you’ll drop a few pounds at the expense of water. This kind of weight loss is not only short-lived, but also harmful to your body.

How do I use my GoBe for hydration level tracking?

To keep track of your hydration, all you need to do is turn on your GoBe! After about 2 hours, GoBe will start sharing results. You’ll see the most accurate data after a full day or two of wearing the bracelet. It takes this time to determine your body’s normal level of hydration by gathering data from its impedance sensor, so you’ll want to continuously wear your GoBe.

GoBe keeps track of your hydration level and shares these results in a graph and timescale. The data is displayed in two modes: real-time and accumulated data review. This simply means that while you can view your current hydration level, you can also look back at previous days and times.

What do my results mean? 

Your lifestyle is going to influence your hydration level. Are you working out a lot? Are you eating foods with high-water-content? How much caffeine are you drinking?


When the device indicates that your hydration level is LOW, this does not mean you are severely dehydrated – it’s actually GoBe’s way of preventing you from getting to that point. The GoBe band will vibrate and read “DRINK” on its display if it detects you need more water. Healbe GoBe gathers and keeps hydration level data, which can then be seen as a graph on a timescale.

These signals will repeat until your hydration level is restored to normal (NORM) – water digestion can take some time. Keep in mind, if you just drank water or ate a meal with high-water-content, these reminders may still continue. Once your body absorbs this water, the app will show your hydration level as normal.


Why are there variations in my results?

After food intakes the hydration level may either decrease or increase.

Throughout the day you’ll see differences in your hydration level. When you wake up, your hydration level might increase due to the water reallocation in your body.


And as expected, during exercise there will be dips in your hydration level.

Please pay attention after you’ve taken a shower or a bath the bracelet may signal the hydration level decrease — in this case you need to wipe the device and the skin area on your wrist with a dry cloth.

GoBe Happy and Hydrated!

Water is the source to a healthy body and a healthy life, and we’ve designed the Healbe GoBe to help monitor this important information so you are free to GoBe you!

GoBe You!

Please note that while the Healbe GoBe bracelet is designed to provide you with information about the conditions and trends in the physical state of your body, Healbe GoBe is not meant to be used as a medical device and should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease; also note that it should not be used as a substitution for expert medical advice. Healbe GoBe measures the basic characteristics of your body using unique technology and algorithms to provide you with accurate data (including consumed and burned calories, step count and distance walked, energy balance, sleep quality, stress level, and heart-rate), but the accuracy of the GoBe's readings depends on the accuracy of the personal data you put in your profile and whether or not you are using the GoBe correctly.

Healbe recommends that you always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health expert with any questions you may have regarding a health condition, diet, or physical fitness program.

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